October 17, 2017



Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics (SDMA) simplifies the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing data from Sage X3 and combining it with other data sources.

Automation, out-of-the-box capabilities and deep Sage X3 integration reduces the technical effort of managing data and extracting accurate insight.

The pre-packaged solution is rapid to deploy and simple to administer and maintain. A lower risk investment with a faster time to value and more predictable TCO, when compared to custom BI projects.

SDMA Introduction

The data management and modeling support for Sage X3 goes beyond simply connecting and extracting data. The deep integration with Sage X3 improves the data modeling, deployment and overall users’ experience.

Thanks to Sage’s data management and modeling smart datasources for Sage X3, governed BI solutions that are deeply integrated with Sage X3 can be deployed in days, not weeks or months like other traditional tools.

Key benefits for your business:

• Fast to implement and start generating reliable insight, with lower cost and risk.
• Achieve business-wide visibility across multiple systems and data sources from Sage X3.
• Enjoy peace of mind that data is secure and accurate with strong data governance built-in.
• Get relevant information via personalized dashboards aligned to Sage X3 roles, within the Sage X3 user interface, on any device.
• Gradually migrate your historic ERP data to Sage X3 to preserve insight without having to maintain legacy systems.

SDMA Overview

Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics’ pre-set data model
and analytics delivers immediate visibility into Sage X3.

The system produces standardized, highly-governed data models that are secure and accurate. They require less maintenance than manually-built data warehouses, reducing total cost of ownership and risk.

Pre-set dashboards, reports and calculations span all functional areas, from Finance, to Distribution, Manufacturing, Sales, and Services. Information is explored inside or outside the Sage X3 UI. Dynamic visualizations are fully responsive to all devices, optimized for touch and easily customized.

Below is an overview of the metadata Sage data management and modeling extracts and other deep integrations with Sage X3:

• Metadata (localized captions, keys, relationships, modules)
• Folder selection
• Multi-company
• Automatic relationships to dimensions
• Statistical groups support
• Automatic captions for enumeration fields
• Customizations detection
• Geocoded addresses for map charts
• Currency conversions