September 5, 2017

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Sage CRM Business Management Solutions

More than 15,000 small and medium-sized businesses around the world depend on Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to drive sales, boost business productivity, and infuse every customer interaction with value. Sage CRM is used by enterprising and growing companies who are seeking unique ways to connect with their customers.

Leverage the power of social media and use the latest mobile technology to expand your business.Maximise your business reach by combining marketing, sales, and customer service to improve customer loyalty and accelerate sales. Sage CRM is a flexible solution that can be scaled to the size of your business. Whether you’re a small company just starting out or a large organisation with hundreds of employees, Sage CRM can be customised to suit your business needs and goals.

Why Choose SAGECRM?

  • Manage Business Processes – Automate your best sales practices for sales, marketing, and service with Sage CRM’s workflow feature.
  • Social and Collaborative – Join the growing number of businesses who are using social media to connect with customers and find new leads.
  • Provide Better Customer Service – Outshine the competition by providing a seamless and consistent customer experience.
  • MailChimp Integration – Sage CRM can be integrated with MailChimp to provide a one-stop email marketing solution. Monitor how many people have read and responded to your email campaigns within Sage CRM in real-time. Use the read and response rates to improve future email campaigns.
  • Mobile Solutions – Sage CRM includes a complete mobile solution, giving mobile workers and sales teams the tools needed to conduct business remotely. With Sage CRM, your staff and team members can update customer contact information, enter new leads, and view reports on the go.
  • Can Be Used with Sage ERP – Sage CRM can be combined with Sage ERP to gain an even greater edge over the competition.
  • Industry-Specific Installation – Sage CRM includes add-on modules that integrate seamlessly with Sage ERP. Manage key operational tasks with these industry-specific tools, which include Membership Management, Training Management, Service Management, CRM for Contracts, CRM for Resources, CTI for CRM, CRM for Media, and CRM for Travel.

Easy to install, deploy, and manage, Sage CRM is the perfect solution for small and medium- sized companies who want to focus on their business, and not on their customer relationship management software.

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