October 17, 2017


SAGE 300 - Other Solutions

The Sage 300 core software is supplemented by various 3rd Party solutions that seamlessly integrate to Sage 300 to provide and end-to-end business solution.


Sage BPM Workflow

Organisations are increasingly focusing on improving efficiency and productivity. Technology and systems are being used to improve the automation of processes to achieve gains in productivity and efficiency.

These automated and managed processes improve productivity and efficiency by routing transactions, tasks and activities, from person to person involved in the process.

Sage BPM Workflow provides:

  • Full procure-to-pay capability of stock and non-stock items, assets, whether expensed or used in a project.
  • The capability to create new vendors, reconcile their accounts and authorise their payments.
  • The ability to register recurring billing time-based contracts.
  • Transparency and visibility of budget status including commitments when initiating and approving transactions.
  • The capability to easily create inventory requisitions, have them approved and then issued from stores


  • Runs in a browser independent and mobile platform independent environments.
  • Can use a combination of multiple organisational charts and user defined rules to design specific workflows.
  • Field level security limits the selection lists available to users dramatically improving the accuracy of captured data.
  • Flexible form layouts that ensures only relevant fields are displayed on capture screens.
  • Management, storage and retrieval of documents involved in transactions.
  • Full audit capabilities at a Microsoft SQL database level.
  • Automate data entry using Optical Character Recognition scanning (OCR) technology reducing data entry errors and increasing productivity.

Sage 300 Manufacturing

AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order is an easy-to-use manufacturing solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. Using Sage 300 SDK, its design is fully integrated with Sage 300 Finance and Logistics modules. Simple yet powerful, Autosimply enables an efficient manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, processing manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout. The design of AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order is conceptualized to fully accommodate users’ business processes needs and expectations.

Key capabilities include:


Sage 300 Cashbook

You will find the operation of Cashbook for Sage 300 simple and practical. Features like multiple years of history, direct bank reconciliation, optional fields, full Tax Services integration, drill down from other Sage 300 modules, unlimited report writing, customization by user and seamless integration to other Sage 300 modules, increases the power of Cashbook making it a product that you will never outgrow.

Key capabilities include:

  • One Central Point for Cash Processing – Entries need only to be entered once and Cashbook will automatically create the necessary entries for Sage 300 General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. One audit trail on all cash movement for easier analysis.
  • Bank Reconciliation Display – Checks and deposits for direct reconciliation. With the click of a mouse or a single keyboard stroke the transaction is reconciled instantly and the bank balance updated immediately.
  • Zoom Into Payments and Deposits – To enquire on transaction details. Display all details pertaining to a transaction by clicking on the transaction in your bank reconciliation.
  • Optional Fields – Optional fields in the Cashbook batch header and detail section which feeds through to the General Ledger bank and distribution accounts, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
  • Drill Down – Drill Down from General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable batches to the Cashbook batch from which the entry originates.

Spindle Professional

The Spindle Professional software helps the small and medium sized business to instantly distribute multiple documents via email and to automatically print, fax and archive it as PDF documents. It is versatile, can be utilised by a number of departments across an organisation including Accounts, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functions and it integrates with accounting, CRM and other systems. The software also enables organisations to create professional-looking documents, including the company’s logo and branding.

Key capabilities include:

  • Reduce Costs – documents are automatically delivered via email and fax and remove the need for pre-printed stationery.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact - sending documents by email and fax dramatically reduces the amount of paper used by a business and can help reduce environmental impact.
  • Automated Archiving – Spindle Professional automatically archives all documents as PDF files to a predefined location.
  • Intelligent Delivery – Spindle knows which documents to print, email or fax based on client and supplier preferences.
  • Intelligent Documents - Terms and Conditions or promotional offers are automatically attached to relevant documents.
  • Seamless Integration – Spindle professional integrates with existing systems e.g. Sage 300, Sage X3 and Sage CRM.