October 2, 2017

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement makes provision for Standard, Advanced and Premium services. The benefits for each plan include agreed response times, free site audits, free training days and reduced service rates.

Benefits of a Service Agreement

The main purpose of the Service Agreement is to establish agreed response times for the resolution of incidents logged with the Helpdesk
Service Agreement subscribers qualify for preferential rates for additional consulting, training and further projects
Purchased hours not utilised during a month can be carried over at no cost within the contract period
Free training days are included in the service agreement period. The number of days are dependent on the benefit plan selected
System Audits (technical and functional) are included in the Service Agreement. The number of audits per year is dependent on the benefit plan selected
Service Agreement subscribers are notified on the progress of an incident logged with the helpdesk.
Account Management
Monthly feedback of hours utilised and remaining hours on the agreement
Status reports are available on request and are provided free of charge