October 2, 2017

Systems Implementation

Implementation Methodology

Our Implementation Methodology consist of five phases and is supported by a comprehensive Project Quality Plan (PQP) and a suite of Project Management Tools to ensure effective resource allocation, cost control, project steering and change control management.


M0: The launch meeting, which concludes the Sales stage and launches the Project stage.

M1: Validation of the Description of Target Solution by the Customer at the end of the Scoping phase, committing the Customer to the implemented solution.

M2: Installation of the configured solution on the Customer site concludes the Implementation phase.

M3: The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) requires the Customer to confirm and formally acknowledge that the resulting solution complies with the agreed Description of Target Solution and concludes the Testing phase.

M4: The Go-Live Approval decision represents the point at which the Customer formally approves live activation of the target solution in its production environment following the Training phase of the end users.

M5: The Final Acceptance takes place at the end of the Support phase and validates the proper operation of the target solution under actual production conditions, and the autonomy of the end users. This milestone closes the Project stage.

Components by Phase

Tools by Phase

Deliverables by Phase